The Spring 2023 Collection

MOSCOT Road Trip

This Spring, we’re taking a Road Trip out of New York City to find creative inspiration. The Spring 2023 Campaign speaks to artistic freedom, originality, and the beauty of the creative journey to make something truly authentic.


 The Spring 2023 campaign follows native New York band and admired friends, Andy Suzuki and Kozza Babumba of Andy Suzuki & The Method on an escape from the city in search of adventure, a change of scenery, and inspiration for a new song.

"Working with MOSCOT on this campaign has been incredible for us,” says lead singer Andy Suzuki. “This element of creative evolution really hits home when it comes to our musical and personal styles,” he adds. Drummer, Kozza Babumba, continues “early in our career we discovered MOSCOT, and it’s cool because we can see the pictures and videos over the years reflect our style evolution that also coincided with the music changing. So, I think there has been a really interesting lockstep journey between our music and MOSCOT that has been amazing to watch and is reflective of the journey depicted in the campaign.”

As the first designer at the helm of the family business, Chief Design Officer and 5th Generation, Zack Moscot was keen to cater to the core MOSCOT community. “This new collection is designed for the creative person, process, and product. We strive to embrace artistry and what it takes to make something original,” he shares. “I want those who have been shopping with us for generations and those who have been fitted for a pair of frames for the very first time to feel represented. Always keeping in mind, the common thread of creativity and artistry woven into our brand’s DNA.”

As a result, MOSCOT’s Spring 2023 line combines classic vintage styles with modern construction, welcoming a new class of iconic originals in five new styles, from round, thick and chunky to the elegant details seen in their reinvented “eyebrow” frame design. The full range of the collection was designed with artists in mind who seek more than just a fashion accessory, but also a creative lens.

MOSCOT’s rich history allows the brand to see the past in the present, shaping the future. By focusing on more than just the product, but on the process as well, the results are crystal clear.

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