Kieran Culkin was spotted wearing The MESHUG SUN and The SMENDRIK SUN in his recent feature in Port Magazine

A close-up of the MESHUG SUN in two colorways

Kieran Culkin, mostly notably known for his role as Roman Roy in HBO’s Succession, sports The MESHUG SUN in Cinnamon and Dark Matte Brown with Custom Made Tints™ along with The SMENDRIK SUN in Gold for his feature in Port Magazine. 

Like Succession, The MESHUG SUN is a family affair! While known as the black sheep of the family, Sol’s brother, Sam, was loved just the same. A bit of a rebel with a strong sense of self, when it came to matters of the family business, he fit in like a square peg to a round hole. Mirroring the rounded edges of this square-shaped frame, we made The MESGHUG should you need a reminder to stand out. 

Forget what you’ve heard about The SMENDRIK down the block! With a sturdy construction of striped metal skiving, titanium nose pads, and acetate temple tips, this subtly striking SMENDRIK is real deal design.

Shop The MESHUG, The SMENDRIK, and the rest of The MOSCOT ZONE: Fall 2022. 

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